Friday, December 18, 2009

Here Goes Nothin'

Mic check mic check,
Here goes nothin',
What's up bro hear u been haiting
What's up with that,
U think that u heard your calling,
Lemme tell u sumthin,
Good boy aint goin say he's good,
Shut up and just finish your food,
And before u get bitch slap,
U'll hear the crowd bz clap-ing
With our name you been hitting bad
Oh u do u even think you're as good as that?

I'm sick and tired of your innocent image
When everybody knows you're ain't but a monkey in a cage,
Jumping around and eating bananas,
Laugh out loud go ahead go back 2 your mama's
Come one man u know u got dissed,
Remember the time when u weren't being missed?

I aint gonna give advice nor preach
Just wanna give u a lil hint or even a cold hard notice,
U're just jealous with all the fun we had,
But u're just sittin there reminiscing while gettin mad,
I'll tell u this ain't the first surely not the start,
This is definitely the truth that's coming from the heart!


LMAO... pretty different from the poem I usually write... well... it's kinda like rap... because from what I've known, rap stands for rhythm and poetry... and people often rap to express their feelings...

since it's a harsh one... I figured it would be nice if I interpret the poem in rap kinda way... that's why I used very very bad grammar and I know... that's not an excuse not to use good grammar... even the vocabulary are not proper english... but hey... it's my feelings and I'm entitled to it respectively..

If only there's people out there that can make the beat... surely that would be very great to hear... at least for me that is...

Bajet emo... LOL!

The hottest duo! pergh

lets run this fool down!

Just a few pictures for fun.... hehe... I can't believe I'm even thinking of rapping... hahaha... it's a very different road for me...

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