Friday, November 27, 2009

The Reason Why I'm Still In Saiba

Finished my work and submitted in at 3 am... yes, we FA students have submission on eid adha... haha... started working from 8 pm til 3 am... yet I'm still awake even though it's 5.35 am... enjoying me freedom

Mr Jijoe : now kamil, enjoy your freedom while it last... but not for long.. back to work this Saturday aite..

Me : Yes sir! T_________T

so this is a screenshot of my work and some of the poses...



Hepi Eid Adha guys! Long live Film and Animation!!! hahaha... that's so sarcastically of me.... gosh

1 comment:

Ally Hassan said...

mak aihhh! tangan besar, kaki kecik. hikhikk~