Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I need inspiration!

Wow... it seems like forever since I've last posted something here... and the latest posts are usually music.. I need to find something fresh, something cool, something from me.. and something worth posting about...

Well, this post however, is about music.. But don't worry guys... I have my found myself some good materials that are worth posting *wink*wink*

If I need an inspiration, and surely indeed I need... Nick Pitera's "One Man Disney Movie" is the right thing to listen for an epiphany bursting in you head.

I don't know bout you guys, but I'm a total sucker for all the classic Disney films. When I hear this magical collage of songs, I remembered all the Disney VHS tape I have, sing-a-long with the siblings and cousins, saying-the-dialog-before-they-even-being-said-in-the-film moments *hahaha get it?*

Only then I can think clearly... innocently... I can say that my source of inspiration came a lot from my innocent childhood.. It's cheesy but doesn't make it any less true... and by saying this, I have obtained inspiration ladies and gentlemen! 

So I really hope you listen to it and feel what I felt when I listen to it.. plus, can you name all the movie that are being featured in this wonderful medley? *Smile*

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