Saturday, November 20, 2010

Out for a new look

We meet again fellow bloggers! It's been like almost a month I haven't post anything new... well.. this post.. has nothing to do with funny stuff... or my work and my inspirations.. 

This post is about moi... most of you guys know.. I like playing around with my hairstyles.. right now.. I've made a pact with a friend of mine that both of us are not gonna cut our hair for a year... it's been like almost 2 months now from the time we made that pact.. suddenly I have this sudden urge to cut my hair again..

After much consideration.. I might get a haircut.. in 3 months time.. *laughs* but not that drastic.. just a lil trim and layered cut here and there... Maybe I won't... But what I really want is the asymmetrical look when my hair on both sides of my head are not at the same length.. *guys keep up with me* hahaha.. kinda like this,

This is Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance... And I think that my hair is kinda like his... So right now.. I'm going towards this look.. gosh then I have to buy a leather jacket to accentuate the hair! *sigh*.. ZARA! Here I come!!! 

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