Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love is when... get to 'capture' the beauty of the person you love...

"This video is deticated to the love of my life, Freyja.

She broke up with me a couple of days ago because she wanted a new direction in her life and the feelings for me were burned out.

I wanted to let her know that whatever that direction is, i want to be a part of it. And those feelings she had, they can return.

The footage has been shot random over the years on times we spend with each other.

Hopefully i can get trough of the hard shell she has nowadays and proof to her that the time we had 
was wonderful and can continue.

Let's hope i can get some new footage soon with her.

Forever hers."

There's something about this video that is so innocent.. sincere and full of love.. minus the portrait and wide angle lens.. the color correction.. this video is still that damn good.. I guess that's love.. not that I know of.. 

All the best dude :) Whatever happens, kudos to you for making such a beautiful video.. here, I dedicate this song to you :)

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