Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kung Fu Panda, haiyak!

The other day, i went to almanda with a bunch of my closest friends to see kungu panda, haiyak!Kungfu panda was a blast! Or should i say the 'bomb!'.. hehe.. Jack Black is THE only guy to play the Awesome panda, Po. The movie is just simply amazing.. what can i say..superb animation..good storyline.. well scripted.... i even stayed in the theatre until the credits finished.. yup, even the credit was fun to watch..when i watched Po,it's like i can see black jack! that's how convincing the animation is..there's this one quote which i like the most.. it was from Master Oogaway.. the coolest turtle ever!... "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.. that's why it's call the present..

Since my majoring is in Film and Animation (FA)... animation movies like this really makesyou wonder how in the world can u do such things using the computer.. hahaha.. it's kinda scary some timesbut at the same time ignites my passion to learn more about it.


mein melon said...

it seems like major times, only d panda talks.. sure shifu n master oogway said sumtin.. but d furious 5 didn't have so much dialogue! specially the tigress who's angelina jolie! she only talks 6/7 lines only in d movie.. i found that weird n wastes money to hire a high-paid actress like her to voice-over a character who acts alot but not saying so much of dialogues..

Anonymous said...

ooo.. you look so cute with the panda :D

i'll link you up in my blog k!