Saturday, November 15, 2008

3 budak sengal : Mural Project

i should've post this a long time a go, there was some complications, so here is it.

3 budak sengal consists of haziq, acap and yours trully (hehe)... i'll tell u guys more on the history of us later.. right now, i wanna report on our very first project : the hospital serdang pediatrics ward mural.

my beloved aunty is the head department of the pediatrics ward at hospital serdang. one day, haziq and i went to visit her. out of the blue, she told us "why dont you guys paint murals at my ward." it wasnt a done deal yet because it we're busy with assignments and what not. finally, near the end of the 1st trimester, i called her to closed the deal. we decided to do it right after the final exams. that means we have to stay back for awhile in cyberjaya. for this project, it was only haziq and i.

1st day (saturday, 18/10/08)

we went there after lunch. the first task we did was sketch our ideas on the wall based on the original idea we did in the computer. then there was a cute girl and a boy came to watch us. they really like the one we did in illustrator. we were even more thrilled to do this project. we didn't have to buy lot's of paints used by volunteers from previous projects. so that's it for the first day.

before we 'vandalize'

skecthing mode

adam and aisyah

2nd day (sunday, 19/10/08)

we went to the hospital around 9.30 a.m... as soon as we arrived there, we went to take our working pass at the counter. when we arrived at the ward, many of the nurses, doctors and patients did know us yet. it was an awkward moment seeing them watching us. we went to the reading room to take all the paints and brushes to the wall. just as we started 'vandalizing' the wall, aisyah, the cute little girl came wearing a t shirt and track bottoms. she said she wanted to help. that's the most adorable thing! then her mom came and said to her only to watch. so what she did was took the original sketches in her hands and ordered us to paint exactly like that. yup, she's the boss. adam also came to watch us making us more and more happy to do our job.

some of the patients

i want it like this guys!

yes ma'am

3rd day (monday, 20/10/08)

as usual, around 9.30 we leaved for hospital serdang. that time, most of the people at the ward already recognize us. every once in awhile, there's always 'spectators'. some of the patients asked us the price of paiting a while room. they even enquired us where is the location of our office. it was quite amusing. we told them we're just university students. never the less, if we're free, we can do it. of all the 'spectators', aisyah and adam were our favourites as they stayed with us until we go back. our mural was almost finished. that afternoon, aisyah had been discharge from the hospital. we're very sad particularly me because i was so attached her. but there always adam to make us laugh with his crazy antics.

4th day (tuesday, 21/10/08)

today, we're all smiling as we only need to touch up here and there. we could finish it before lunch, but my aunty invited us to the hospital open house since it's still the festive month. after grabing a bite to eat. we hurried up to finish the mural. we finished the mural around 4.30 p.m. then we waited until mu aunty came to evaluate our work. to our relieve, she was very impressed with the whole thing. the idea and the fact that it was a 2-men job. fortunately, she was with a bunch of CUCMS students. my aunty used our mural to test their creativity. it's was flattering. after cleaning up the mess, my aunty took us to her office. ka-ching! it wasnt much, the experienced was worth it. period.

final outcome

what do you guys think?

presentation process.. hehe

there's more projects to come from 3 budak sengal...


Aisyah Adam said...

uuu...very nice! keep it up! :)

Ghazi Maslan said...

I'm so proud of you guys! here a few kisses!! muahhmuahhmuahh! ;)
come to my room for more surprise aite! ;)

Alia Ibrahim said...

lawa la..
nk jugak boley???
hihikhik!! =P

~Kimi~Usin Lempoyang~ said...

gile gempak

Faiz said...

aisyah dan adam. aisyah adam kakakaka

lawa beb. bear ohsem