Sunday, June 27, 2010


Alan invited us to his house in langat which was like an hour drive or so from Seri Kembangan. The reason why we tag along was because he wanted to treat us with durians! His house has like a bunch of durian trees.. well you can say that he has a durian orchard in his own backyard and there's nobody to eat them.. so we voluntarily help him and his family to vanquish all the durian in sight! hahahaha... the photos are taken from maher's facebook... enjoy...

the first mistake we did was drinking coke. durian+coke is a bad combination... it makes you more gassy 

Let the feast begin!

first bite

They say using the durian skin to drink helps reduce the smell of our burping.. hahaa.. 

the softer the better!

Remy had his fair share of the king of fuits.. he's not a big eater of fruits.. ironicly..

Maher was like durian eating machine...

Bear, Lembu, and Panda eating durian?? Malaysian maaa...

The damages!

group hugs! Bromance...

we felt so stuffy and so full of gas..


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