Saturday, June 19, 2010

To infinity and beyond

Trully this time.. Disney Pixar really hits me hard... Toy Story 3 is a wonderful movie... Now I'm not gonna tell you guys about how the story begins and ends.. That would really ruin it for you guys aint it.. hehe.. I'm merely giving my thoughts that I just have to share them with you guys...

Toy story 3 = Adventure + Friendship. That's what the animated feature is all about to me. Well the whole Toy Story Trilogy is based on this mixture of themes. There was never a dull moment in the movie. Awesome plot building made me very eager to know what's gonna happen next.

Humour always play a big role in cartoons. I guess the humour parts were planted neatly for the entire movie. Not to much.. nothing that cheesy... not that kiddish nor maturely... heck I was laughing quite loud in the cinema.. hahaa... basically slapstick comedy at its best.

I heard from a reliable source *laughs* that some people said Toy Story 3 will somewhat be boring because of the same old characters from the previous two movies. Well you might be surprised when you go watch it yourself.. and so what if the characters are all from the previous two movies.. the creators have made all the characters very good with their lovable personality and charming characteristic, I wouldn't replaced them for any other toys.. You could also be very surprised with just how many characters are from the previous movies.. Wheezy the penguin, Bo Peep (Woody's gal) and RC (remote controlled racing car) are not in this movie.. oooppss~ spoiler.. hahahaa.. but I'm not gonna tell the new toys lineup.. hehee..

Toy Story 3 teaches me that friendship is very valuable.. the importance of being there for someone you dear most.. and the most important lesson of all is that you must always appreciate your toys!! that's right.. your toys.. you might not know how much your toys will go the extra mile for you.. hahaha...

Enough of me talking gibberish... go and watch Toy Story 3 and you might be my gibberish are true.. *giggles*

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mein melon said...

mase part Mr Potato Head tuka badan tu i glak giler baban ngahahahaaaa! ey! i bought sumtin for u from Bali... :D