Thursday, September 30, 2010

At Zati's Now and Before...

Last week Zati held an open house... so like last year's eid.. we carpooled and convoyed... here's some of the photos I could grab from Shamin's facebook... 

The girls

We're one happy bunch

With Auntie

free food yeah!!!

The boys

The Gongjengs with the absence of Dody, Epa and Dila and Ili

We played a game of Hello Jack!

moi with the host, zati

One big happy family..

What I want to post about is the almost-similar-resemblance of the last photo with the one I took last year..

ok so not that much of a resemblance...almost the same company.. almost the same arrangement.. classic!

owh last but not least.. here's a video I recorded when we played the game Hello Jack.. 

Feel free to view the photos of last year's open house at Zati's here

Hope to post more photos of open houses I raided in the near future.. hehe

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