Thursday, November 10, 2011

AidilAdha 2011

We changed how we celebrate Eid this year.. I guess.. we'll be changing how we celebrate anything from now on..

Briefly after Eid prayer, the whole family went straight to my Grandpa's musollah or in malay 'surau'.. where my Grandma and Mak Cidah were buried.. there lies their graves.. 

It's almost 100 days my Mak Cidah passed away.. so we did a tahlil ceremony for her and my Grandma.. after that we had a small family lunch at my oldest aunt's... her house is just in the musollah's compound.. Not to forget, we did celebrate my cousin's 26th birthday as well.. 

Wakey wakey says Uncle Fidz to Hana(above) and Najiha(below)

Tearful Insyirah

Harith joining the rest of the bunch

Marissa aka Achachaa with Uncle Fahmi

Small soldiers

Mujahid and Marissa

I'm putting him up for the audition of Baby Gap *laughs*

Gangsta Insyirah

Kak Cimah with her birthday cake

All in all it was a decent family gathering.. even though I didn't get to celebrate Eid with my parents.. this would suffice :)

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