Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lil Miss Liss

This post is dedicated to a dear friend of mine, Norlisa Soraya or as we call her, Lisa or Liss :)

She's going away to further her studies in the UK soon.. She'll be leaving Malaysia early January.. One thing about her is that she's a very popular (muahaha!) girl, so it's very hard for us to actually go out with her unless we made an appointment or some sort with her first..

About 2 weeks ago we planned to go for a karaoke session, but the plan got canceled.. thus I promised her I'll make it up to her... playing badminton like we used to for one last time.. atleast for now *innocent smiles*

I can say that she really knows me quite well.. I guess because she's a good listener.. Everytime we got stressed out, we will go out just the two of us to the lake and just talk, sing out loud, share our problems and simply pour our heart out on each other.. we've been doing that for almost 3 years already.. No one actually knows where we went as we don't talk about it.. it's just our little secret.. well now you guys know about it *laughs*

Our last Tasik Session with the exception of Azmira who took this photo

So after this no more Geng Tasik or GT.. no more summarizing every episode of How I Met Your Mother.. no more making fun of her height during badminton as she is below the net *muahahah!!!*

Good luck Liss! Thank you for all the time we spent together at the lake :)

P.S, Maher did a video of her giving a speech *diva much? hahah* feel free to check it out at his FB.

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