Sunday, December 18, 2011

:-}o = Commitment

I should've post this a long time ago. So this is me with 1 month ++ moustache..

At first.. I thought I looked uglier than I was without a moustache.. but after a long stare at both photos.. I think I seriously look better with a mo.. hahaha.. I dunno, what do you guys think? *giggles*

sure I kept my moustache for a month in commemmorading the month of Moustache November or "Movember", but this is actually bigger than that. It's a commitment.

You see guys, I got some commitment issues.. with anything that I do or even with someone.. I guess, keeping my moustache for a month is like a challenge for me..

I'm that kinda guy that easily get tired of consistenty and unchangeable-ness *ok that's gibberish* For my moustache situation.. every 2 weeks or so I would've get rid of it.. but Movember kinda gave me the chance to fight my urge to shave my moustache off..

I want to try to commit to it hoping that I would teach myself to become a more commited person than I was before.. In my logic, if keeping a moustache for a month is already hard, try doing something that you have endure for a longer time for example, a job? a relationship? Or even a marriage..alrighty now I'm way out of line *laughs histerically*

first things first though.. keeping my moustache for a month has been check out of my to-do list.. currently my commitment is to work my ass off in completing my final year project, eat a healthy diet and exercise atleast 3 times a week.. and I gotta tell you.. all of them are goddamn hard than keeping a mo on your face *duhhhh*

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