Thursday, July 17, 2008

Birthday treat!

It's been awhile.. well.. 10th of july was my 19th birthday..after 12 midnight.. my friends and I went to KFC to celebrate my bithday. yeah!.. after stuffing ourselves with the delicious chickens, we went outside of KFC to take some pictures.. then Lyana said that she has a surprise for me.. just when i got close enough to her, she throw me a handful of flour.. then, Nad and Alan joined the flour tossing while Maher literally watered me! unfortunaley, my car was almost out of petrol, so we had to stop to the nearest petrol station to gat some gas.. and believe me, i was the center of attention! it was sooo embarrassing because people were staring at me with their jaws down. i don't blame them.. i mean who wouldn't after seeing a ghost filling gas! hehe...

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