Saturday, July 26, 2008

KLIA was the place...

Last tuesday, i went to see my dearest ibu (mommy) at KLIA to take my car's road tax from her. She was actually from Puchong and she was on the next flight back to Penang... I really missed my mom.. duhh.. she asked me to meet her at Burger King.. as soon as as i saw her, i gave a kiss at the cheeks.. i was so glad and grateful to see her.. it's been like what, 2 month since i last saw her.. then, she treated me with BK's finest, The Whopper! we talked, we laughed.. catch up on things.. u know the usual "how's life" "what r u up to" "my, u're not getting any thinner!" it was so nice, just the two of us..

Moments like this make me ponders.. we only live once, and so does our parents, so cherish every moment together.. it's not hard just to call them once or twice just to say hi... well, u can call your bf/gf every moment to say that u already missed them.. so why not your parents.. my mom told me she would upset if i did that.. well ibu, you're not gonna get rid of me that easily cause i'm not gonna have a special girl in my life except u in the near future. Lets just say when that day comes, i would be good looking.. yup.. not gonna happen right... hahahahahaah.


Faiz said...

bole je dpt awek. usehe itu tangge kejayaan beb
hendak seribu daye, xnk g mampos.
ngeeee :D

ibu kamu comel. same mcm mak aku :)
tapi... tapi... aku da lame giler x mkn Burger King T_T

Careyn :) said...

aww~ dats shuweet! *pat*pat*