Friday, August 8, 2008

The Not-So Midterm Break

Adoi… I’ve been busy with ASSignments until I didn’t have the time to update my blog. I was so caught up with work and what not until I can’t go back to Penang for my midterm break. Sorry ayah, ibu, Tina, Ja and Amir, I couldn’t go back for my holidays.

Anyways, during the midterm week, like I said, got loads of assignments. Due to that, I’ve no time to slack off like I always do during the holidays… hey, after all, that’s why it’s called the holidays.

On Monday, I went to Alamanda with a few of my peeps to shop around. I bought 2 pairs of socks! Yea yea.. after lunch, we had to go to the FOM building in MMU to settle our PTPTN matters. It started at 2.30 and ended at 5.

On Tuesday, I went to Serdang Hospital to see my aunty, she’s a doctor. I went to see her because she’s the only closest family here… and plus I injured my wrist, therefore I need a doctor’s opinion on what to do with it… (anak manje rupenye).

Then it was Wednesday, a bunch of us (maher, haziq, mein, nad, lana, syira and me) went to Sg. Tekala for out photography ASSignments. It’s situated in Semenyih if I’m not mistaken. We were supposed to take a picture of a waterfall using slow shutter speed and another picture using fast shutter speed. After finish taking numerous photos, we enjoyed ourselves with taking a dip in the river! It was cold! Brrrrr… then we head back to Cyberjaya. Then I followed Maher, Nad and Syira to Shah Alam. They we're heading to Shah Alam to send Nad back home. On the way there, we took a detour to the Garden Midvalley. They had to buy hotwheels cars for interface design’s ASSignments purposes. It was my first time at Midvalley after like what, 2 years! The Garden was huge, and I bought book about character design. I just had to have it for design process ASSignments. It cost me rm 85, but what the hell, I really need it. We had dinner at Burger King! Nyum nyum… then we send nad back to Shah Alam.

Yesterday, I went to Kuala Lumpur alongside Maher and Haziq to survey a bunch of places for another photography ASSignment which is the talent photo shoot. The real photo shoot will be this coming Saturday (9th August). At first, I was thinking of doing it in HKL, but soon I found out I have to have a letter of permission and what not to take pictures within the HKL compound. So, that is a definite no no. All in all, I found an abandon small building in Ampang. That’ll do! But before that, we went to Taman Orkid just to take pictures of the beautiful orchids there.

Today, I went to Serdang Hospital again to see my dearest aunty, mak shidah to pick up my talents get-up. FYI, my concept is a mad doctor chasing his patient. Muahahaha… so I need a doctor’s outfit.. hahaha.. So tomorrow’s is the big photo shoot! I’m afraid it won’t go as planned.. let us pray! On Sunday, I’ll be out to Putrajaya and maybe KL to help a fellow friend for her photoshoot.

In a nutshell, this midterm break is a not-so midterm break.. Plus, I had to use a lot of money to eat and for petrol as I have to go around. I hope my parents will be kind and understanding. Adoi, now I’m afraid to ask for more money. This is all ASSingments doing mama, I ain’t got nothin’ do with it!.. hahahahaa..


mohad said...

salam.. apa khabar...

Faiz said...

stylo habes spek/shades/wtv la yg king ngan maher pakai tu. nk pinjam pelis. aku pn nk jd cool jgak agagga

Anonymous said...

re-shoot? that just a sign that you'll get better and batter