Friday, September 11, 2009

ma bro Amir Radzwan

Since Ajinda post a picture of his lil brother Amir, I figured why not I do the same thing to my lil bro, Amir Radzwan... u guys what is a weird coincidence??? Ajinda, Ecah, Maher and Ally's youngest siblings are all Amirs... hahah... is it a trend for families to name their youngest boy Amir?? hehe..

For my amir *gigles*... he's currently 12 and single... and he's planning to keep it that way.. he said that himself.. XD he just finished his UPSR and looks forward to months of just watching TV and playing computer games...

This is his hobby... playing games 24/7

He adores my Yamaha TZM 150

He owns the playground.. hahaha

When he's not wearing his spectacles..

He wants to be a DJ like me..

Smiley face

Amir "straight up gangsta from ghetto TV.." XD

Messing around in the fitting room..


He can really eat if u know what I mean

Sleepy head

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Maherausaurus** said...

amir maksud dua putera. anak2 last nie kan manja2 so panggil la derang putera. haha