Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bye Bye D-69-A (Part 1)

So this is the end for us for the tenants of D-69-A... we're finally moving out from this place we like to call HOME...

we had rough times together... but most of the time, it was FUN!

we learned how to co-operate, love, understand with one another... ( you can't believe how gay I can be..)

never the less... this is not the end... it's just a stepping stone to a better, strong friendship!

Remy - straight from the ghetto of ampang

mawi - the gamer

Maher - He was with us for 2 trimesters...

Haziq - the comedian is in da house y'all!

Kamil - likes to laugh out loud LOL

Ikhwan - the one who pays the bills!

Alan - the owner of Mr Hammie the Lazy Hamster

finally Acap - he likes to let himself to be picked on.. (and I dunno why)

For the next post... I'll be posting some pictures and videos of 'events' that happened during our stay in D-69-A...

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Maherausaurus** said...

omg! gambar tuh ak suka!! sbb ak nmpk gemok! :D