Sunday, June 21, 2009

Drag me out of the Cinema.. bluergh

I thought I wanna start the new sem with a big bang.. so thought why not by watching Drag Me to Hell.. Ajwad and I were so exicted, then I talk mawi out to see that movie even though he doens't fancy horror flicks.. hehehe.. out of nowhere, Alia joined us even though she already seen the movie. she said there's a part she missed because she went to the toilet... nice excuse.. haha...

To tell you guys the truth.. it wasn't that good... T__T

I mean, some scene seems awkward and funny... I don't know whether to laugh or to scream.. there's a few frieght once in awhile but that's it... the movie emphasize on the sound effects.. ever heard of the term "I'm hearing things..".. well this movie really stands out in that direction.

There wasn't any gory scenes which I really love, instead there's this old granny which was so disgusting with her rotten prosthetic teeth, tons of green-yellowish slimy phlegm, spitting out maggots and all that is revolting to the eyes..bluergh!!! ( the sound she makes when she vomits).. XP

A very cheesy 80's horror if you ask me.. with classic cheesy dialogue. It doesn't seem natural to me.. some of the visual effects are kinda decent.. but the mechanical goat (I think) was too much for me.. come on.. it was so fake.. it scared the hell out of me... ya right! after awhile.. I was like "oh please drag me out of the cinema...".. XD

Well.. at least we had a few laughs and.. and there's this one scene where I jumped from my seat.. hahah.. Like I said.. there's not much of a horror except freight for awhile..

PS: looking forward to Transformer 2

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Alia Ibrahim said...

hye kamil,rambut hensem la..
ahahaahahahaa.. =P