Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reminscing the Old Days

Back in the days, I watched a lot of cartoons.. and I mean a lot, 24/7... not just cartoon but all those kids' shows that aired every Saturday and Sunday... until I was 16, then only I slowed down..

Thinking about it now, how I wish I could go back being a carefree kid watching cartoons and play around with my peeps outside creating our own adventure climbing hills, going down the sewers (believe me) and even burn stuff.. hehe

So this post is tribute to all the tv shows that influence me alot during my childhood years..

I remembered watching Arthur every sunday morning when I was 10.. good times

Flashman... I was 4 back then.. I even bought a Flashman t shirt at the market

Cybercops... I think Cybercops it was aired when I was 8.. I love their suits!

Power Rangers (embedded was disabled)

You should be ashamed if you never watched Power Rangers before.. I never stop watching Power Rangers since I was in US.. even my ringtone is the theme song.. :)

Ultraman Taro... used to be my hero...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (embedded was disabled)

My interest when I was in US.. Michelangelo is my favourite character.

Super Human Cyber Squad.. I like the idea of fighting virus physically...

All I can say is.. AUTOBOTS! ROLL OUT!

Pokemon (embedded was disabled)

Gotta love Pikachu... but my favourite was Squirtle.. :)

last but not least is....

I love barney.. It really influence me a lot.. I remember.. there's this 1 episode where they teach you not to let the water run when you brush your teeth because it's wasting water... because of that particular song.. I never let the water run... part of song goes a little bit like this

"I'm brushing my teeth and it's so so fun,
but, I never let the water run"

enjoy life y'all! Peace and I'm out!


Ally Hassan said...

aku siap beli tape barney, cybercops, flashman, dan memang all time fave go go power rangers!

wan-ohh-wan said...

semua ni tak cool sangat la bear.