Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This post is a series of some of the pictures I took when I was wandering around MMU around 7-ish... hence the title of this post. Gotta keep it catchy my brother! The reason I wandered off is because I finished my submissions early like 4-ish... ok gotta stop 'ish'-ing words now... since I'm too scared to sleep for I may not wake up in time, I took this wonderful opportunity to appreciate a little thing I like to call "morning". What I can tell is that.... it's so calm, peaceful and harmony and I was smiling throughout this adventure of mine.

This picture was taken around 7.20... or I like to say, 7-ish.. hehe

HB2 and HB3

I was able to capture the moon. MasyaAllah

FYI, the auntie wearing the saree won the race.... heheee

All  a l o n e...

The magical sunrise.... MasyaAllah

On the way back, I found this kitty...

Kitties gone wild caught on camera!

Fleeing for dear life!

But failed miserably...

Turns out they were playing a game of "ibu-ibu" 

P.S : I didn't edit the scenery pictures as I think that they are already beautiful...

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