Sunday, February 28, 2010

Noir KL

Let me try to put things in chronological orders aite.. then I'll post them photos after that.. ehehe

1) Fetch Ajwad at cyberia and park my car at Putrajaya Sentral because we went there by using combinations of ERL and LRT trips.. u name it.. hehe

2) Arrived at Ampang LRT station... went straight to 84cube Studio which was nearby. Artech was there to entertain us. Funny things happened there... but I guess I'm too lazy too type.. feel free to ask me when you see me.. *laughs*

3) Took the LRT once more.. this time we're headed to Sg wang. Went to Low Yat first. To my surprise, I stumbled upon my friends that went to the same tuition center during SPM. They didn't recognize me at first.. probably I was thinner *NOT* and my hair was longer.. it was awkward.

4) Got to the ATM to draw out some money. Then a couple was literally staring at my Autobots Beadxels. we converse for awhile and somehow, they asked for my phone number and Mein's as well...

5)  Repaired my ODM watch, spend hours at Basheer Graphic bookstore and got myself some good design books.

6) We almost forgot to eat, too busy with walking, went straight to Times Square and managed to stop at Subway and stuffed ourselves each with a good sandwich.. *nyum*nyum*

7) While Alia was on her way to Times Square, we went to the shop where they sell tons of cool masks, wardrobe etc etc... we didn't planned on finding Alia in KL... stalker! hahaha

8) Rendezvous with Alia at the entrance and we're on our way to Ampang LRT station where Remy was gonna fetch us. During the whole time in the LRT, Alia was struggling balancing herself... gosh it was so funny to watch plus we got 'sandwiched' by the crowd... the only separating us was a plastic bag of J.Co Donuts.... adoi...

9) Arrived safely at the station and Remy took us to the place I wanted to do 'something'. That's for me to know and for you guys to find out *giggles*

10) I was soooo happy with the results! It was around 8 pm. DINNER TIME! Remy took us to this place where the term 'selit' really put things to perspective.. hehehe...

11) When we arrived at Putrajaya Sentral, I suddenly forgot where I put my Autobots Beadxels... T___T mein... can you make me another one.... wuaaaa....



sleepy head

Ajwad with his new Ricoh GRD

Stairs to 84cube Studio

Foreground Frame.. hahaha... obviously failed!

Leading Line... another failed attempt.. sigh

I kinda like this one~

One Nation Emcees were doing their thang!

This was at Times Square

former Bukhari Tuition Center students... the girl in the middle was their friend at KPTM I guess

These couple are soon-2-be-teacher in the next 2 years... insyaallah.. they're very decent people

In loving memory of my beloved Autobots Beaxels.. now I know why he's crying.. T__T

I know this post is kinda boring.. bare with me guys... your patience is deeply appreciated... I promise to post more interesting! I know I will... already got the materials... just waiting for the right moment if you know what I mean... *chuckles* 

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