Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Background Models

Last night was tiring... taken to account that I haven't slept for the last 38 hours... this is just the beginning.. the 3-day streak without sleep record will soon be broken...

I finished my background models for my animation... and there was something funny (at least for me) during the whole CRIT session. Long story short, I've waited for almost 3 hours until Ms Nadia called out my name to present my work. In less than 3 minutes, my presentation was finished! ironic isn't it... waiting 3 hours to do a 3 minutes presentation...

a 3 minutes presentation is in fact a good presentation. You know why? It's because it shows that your work is clear and the lecturers get your idea... and as for me, Mr Jijoe said that basically he gets what my idea is... but the set seems a bit lifeless... he wanted me to add some more stuff to make it more lively... I knew he was gonna criticize about it.. it just never slipped my mind when I was busy modelling... only when I finished rendered I realized about it.. by that time.. the sun already rises to alarm us FA students that we needed to freshen up for CRIT... hehe

Praise to god for helping me through.... and not to mention my trusty roomate, Mawi who stayed up until 5 in the morning to keep me company.. we didn't talk much though.. *giggles* without further ado..

-Some of the models are modelled using 3Ds Max... but most of it are done in Maya
-The lighting and rendering are also done in Maya using mental ray... I know I haven't mastered the lighting and rendering... not to mention I spend like 2 whole hours just working on the lighting -____- (noob)

~it's a work in progress~

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