Monday, March 8, 2010


If you guys follow me on twitter, there's this one time that I always mentioned that I wanna write a new poem.. well.. this is it... now I only wish I can turn this into a very meaningful song... well that is another story... enjoy!

My BitterSweet

Day by day goes by,
I still can remember how we 'ignited'
English class, I thought I was gonna die
But you took me in, feeling so gifted.

At first every guy was jealous of me,
I was clueless, what did I miss, what didn't I see
You make ponder, You make me guess
Lord helped me figured out this dreadful mess.

It was your radiant beauty
It was your intelligence
How I felt so full of guilty
How I felt so full of negligence.

The very first time I took noticed
Your hair was short and  seemingly at eased
Submitted your assignment and you looked pleased
For you have done your best from the rest, from the least.

Like a lightning, like a heartbeat
It was that fast we started to converse
Butterflies in my tummy to my feet
You are the gift you are the curse.

Facebook applications, mail inbox notifications
That's how we express our opinions
Being classy and cool are the perfect notions
But full of layers, like a basket of onions.

Kamil is Kamil, that's what you said
I wasn't sad, I felt great
Sure we have our ups and downs
But around you, I can't help but to kill the frowns.

I like the fact that you are my friend
Nothing more nothing less
Hope that you will find someone that makes you feel grand
Don't worry about the past, it's all a test.

No one can take the place of you
I hope that I will have a place in your heart too
Call me stupid call me full of wit
For you are my one and only BITTERSWEET.


Ally Hassan said...

hokayyy~ "bittersweet" ni macam kenal je. hikhikk~

Aisyah Adam said...

hehe...ala...ko post dulu dah...aku dah lama tak on9 hehe tak sempat nak update. like i said before,this Is a Really Good Poem! <3

Brader Bear said...

haha... tengs ecah.. alaa.. post je la dlm blog ko.. aku tak kesah.. :D