Friday, March 5, 2010

Pullman Pulled Us

It's been a long time ago since we went out just the 3 of us... I figured we go to somewhere near, nice and relaxing since we're already caught in the ASSignment mode... Pullman Lake Putrajaya was the spot.. enjoy the photos...

The scenery is nice

Watchmen~ *gigles*

My one and only Datin

I dunno what she was trying to do there...

I like how the cloud kinda pointed at ajwad

Self timer baby!

When you're a pro.. you can take photographs while posing for another camera..

more pictures!!!

Alia showing off her new kicks.. hehehe

Self timer again baby!

Ajwad eventually let us took his picture...

Everytime we come by, there's always newlyweds doing their photoshoot

I seriously love how this photograph turned out

Dusk effect...

Last but not least the final shot of the day...

1 comment:

Alia Ibrahim said...

hahahaha gmbr i tgh posing smbil pegang camera tu mmg xboley blah..bajet model ke ape.. =))