Saturday, December 25, 2010

50mm 1.8

My family went to Singapore.. and I didn't go because I had a submission... to make it up.. my dad bought me a Canon 50mm 1.8 lense.. and here's the result of this baby..

had lunch with Fariz of Motiofixo


Went to the National Art Gallery to see Ally and mein selling their products

Ally's cuppies...

Mein just had to pose like that.. that is so her..

Ajwad with Ally's cupcake

After futsal, I joined the motiofixos and friends for a night cap..

Fariz's candid moment

Port busy with his Iphone 4..

Finally, An a.k.a Julian Casablancas *giggles*

There you have it guys... I can't wait to edit the videos I recorded using this wonderful lense.. I'm so in love with my 60D right now.. 

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