Thursday, December 2, 2010

Left Knee: BUSTED!

I busted my knee during football training yesterday evening... and I gotta tell you.. the pain is excruciating! agonizing!

It was a long through ball from the midfield... and I was the stopper.. so I stretched out my left leg to intercept the ball.. it was a beautiful first touch I've ever made in my life as it was in mid air... I was like Zidane! To my dismay.. my landing was a bit off as the field was slippery due to the rain.. So I guessed I twisted my knee...

After clearing the ball.. I tried to walk.. but I couldn't... but I fought the pain.. I tried to stand up straight.. Then I felt this pain on my left knee.. after a few steps I collapsed onto the ground.. I close my eyes as hard as I could.. but I could hear my teamates talking to me... I was so much in pain until tears started rolling down.. thank god all the shorties *laughs* was no where to be found nearby.. if not.. uncool! *giggles*

not bad for a short story eh... well.. I'm gonna go to a clinic to have my knee check up... 2 to 3 weeks I'll be on the sidelines.. pfftt...


Anonymous said...

Rehat secukupnya bro. Try masuk gym dulu sebelum main balik. Ada satu alat tu untuk senaman lutut kat gym mmu.

Agak2 kalau boleh angkat 15kilo tu insyallah okay kot.

Aku dulu kena lebih kurang macam ni juga. Sakit.

Hati2 lah padang mmu tu kan macam permukaan kawah bulan dah.

Semoga sembuh cepat.

Brader Bear said...

thanks bro... :)