Thursday, December 23, 2010

Promoting Pixelotts

It's that time again where FCMers are busy selling their products at MMU... yes.. it's Cyberpreneurship (CyberP). It's a final year subject that we FCM students are oblige to take.. Lucky for me.. I've already taken that subject last semester... but I'm not gonna go further with my group's story.. I wanna tell u guys about my MakCik's CyberP...

Taken from their FB

They go by the name PIXELOTTS... they sells beadxels which was pioneered by our very own MelonicManiac!

This is one of a kind beadxels Mein did for me..

Now I shall present to you guys my MakCiks in action *laughs*

as for Syira, I forgot to take a picture of her.. but I got something even more splendid

Pixelotts' Products from kamil hafidz on Vimeo.

For more information, feel free to log in to their facebook account Pixelotts

All the best to you guys! More promotional video to come! :D


Alia Ibrahim said...

thanksssssssssssss kamillll!!

mein melon said...

uish.. pioneered gitu.. haha.. thanks, Kamil.. but i wouldn't have thought of it if i hadn't joined Hulala Artsy dulu.. thanx for taking our pictures, videos n promoting us!! nanti kitorg bg half price for Crescent FC punye Beadxels :p~

Brader Bear said...

Alia: aliaaaaaaaa... same2

mein: gee.. thanks.. u shouldn't have laa.. I like what I do with u girls.. Opportunity to be more creative... :)

she rawrr said...

aaa.malu nya tgk video sendiri.omgg
segan habiss *lariiii*

Brader Bear said...

syira: hahaha... sume org rase pelik bile dgr sore sendiri.. :P